Looking Sharp Always: Best Quality Undershirts

Many people that are just starting out in the corporate world are learning about the importance of a strong first impression. The way you present yourself to s group of people is determined mostly by your personal grooming because before you even say hello to a person, they will have assessed the way you are dressed and made a judgment. It is therefore important to always look sharp. Here are some few tips that will help you in choosing the best quality undershirts and using them to dress up and look sharp at all times.

Dressing sharp on a budget

The one thing that dissuades most people from trying to look their best is the fact that looking smart looks like an expensive affair. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. It is possible to take time and think about the pieces of clothing that will look awesome on you. You only need a few good pieces to complement the others. Note that places such as the vintage stores and sales are a great way to get pricey pieces of clothing at a heavily discounted price.

Taking care of the clothes

When you have invested in good quality clothes, you will not make any jokes about their care and maintenance. For instance, you will feel more terrible about ripping or staining a shirt that cost you $100 than you would feel about a shirt that cost you $5 at the flea market. When you invest in classy clothing, you take a lot of pride in it. This means you will take good care of it and consequently, it will serve you for a longer period of time.

Looking sharp starts from inside

This has nothing to do with getting the right attitude, even though that is important too. What the statement means is that you need to invest in good quality underwear if you want to look good at all times. The most important and often ignored part of this innerwear is the undershirt. When well chosen and worn, an undershirt gives class and elegance to the wearer. When worn in the wrong manner, they make the wearer look unkempt, fatter than they really are and very untidy. The tips to follow when looking for the best quality undershirts are:

  • Always look for a shirt that is your size, otherwise if undersize it will be uncomfortable and if oversize, it will make you look overdressed.
  • The material and color of the shirt matters. Look for colors that blend in perfectly.
  • Regarding the style, let the use of the shirt guide you in getting the right style. If you will wear it over an open collar shirt, V necks are the best. On the other hand, if you want a button up shirt and tie, try the crew neck shirt.

The Benefits of Buying Men’s Deep V Neck Undershirts

Undershirts are a very important part of the male dress code. This is because they help the shirt conceal parts of the body that shouldn’t be seen through a shirt in a formal environment, keep the wearer warm and absorb sweat, leaving the wearer dry and comfortable all day long. The main styles of undershirt are the men’s deep V-neck undershirts, the crew neck and the tank tops. In case you are wondering how the three styles compare and which one is the most appropriate, here are some tips that will help with the selection.

The crew neck variety

with this type, the neckline is even and round and often ends just below the collarbone. They are great for people who work in environment where they are needed to wear a buttoned up shirt and a tie at all times. The crew neck is great for this occasion because the vest doesn’t show through the shirt or distract from the tie and the rest of the design of the dress. The disadvantage that is there with this variety is that it does not offer the needed amount of pit support to absorb sweat and prevent staining of the dress shirt.

The tank top

this one has a straight neckline that goes all the way up to the collarbone. It is ideal for people that have chest hair, tattoos and other defects that they would like to hide. However, the crew neck, this shirt does not provide the pit guard that is needed to keep the dress shirt dry.

The V-neck: this is made in such a way that the neckline dips in a V shape. It is the ideal shirt for people that do not wear the shirt with a tie because the vest will not peek through the shirt. An even better variant of this garment is the men’s deep v neck undershirts in which the V-neck dips lower than usual and as a result, the wearer is able to even open a few of the top buttons of the shirt and look more relaxed.

The deep V-neck shirt is also great because compared to the others, it offers excellent pit protection which means that your armpit sweat will not pass on to the dress shirt. This stops you from having issues such as smelly armpits, circles under then arms and stained shirts. It is the best way to ensure that you look smart without people knowing what you are wearing inside. There are varieties of these shirts that are reinforced with the pit guard. This is an ultra thin and extra absorbent pad that is placed under the arms to absorb all the excess sweat that comes from you. The shirt is made of a lightweight material in general, and does not stain, shrink or lose shape. It also doesn’t come untacked or ride up your back.

Choosing the Best Tall Men’s Undershirts

Being tall as a man has its perks. For instance, the ladies notice you more than your shorter counterparts. However, height also comes with its own set of limitations, especially when one is extremely tall. If you are the tall guy who always has to have things custom made because the regulation sizes just don’t fit, here are a few tips to help you have an easy time with your tall mens undershirts shopping.

Knowing your measurements

Being tall is already a challenge; do not complicate it by not knowing your chest, height, waistline and other measurements. When shopping for the innerwear, remember that they range in sizes from the small to the 2XL. It is unlikely that the small models would fit you. Tell the shop assistant about your measurements and let them look for the brands and the designs that will work well for you.

Body type matters too

The second thing you need to think about is your body type. These fall into several categories. There are tall and slim men, tall and average bodied, tall and thickset, and tall men who weigh a few extra pounds. It is wise to let the shop assistant help you choose the type that will offer you maximum comfort. For instance, there are designs that are made for the sole purpose of lifting the excess flab, tucking it away and leaving the slightly overweight wearer looking evened out and very slim. There are also others that layer in some thickness in order to make the tall guy who is one the skinny side to look a little bit more muscled.

The shirt design

Common shirt designs include the V-neck, the tank top, and the crew neck among others. The crew neck is ideal when you are going for a formal event and need to button up and wear a tie. The V-neck is best for the more laid back look that involves unbuttoning the first few buttons off the top of your shirt. It is advisable to mix up the designs such that you will have something fitting for every occasion.

The colors

There is nothing that is more unsightly than tall mens undershirts showing through the fabric of the dress shirt. When this happens, the wearer looks untidy and unkempt. Many men go looking for white designs, not understanding that this is not the best color, especially for bright and light weight dress shirts. The best color when it comes to blending in with the outer shirt is light grey. For extreme blending, you can try the shades of the nude colored undershirts that are not becoming quite common.

These are some of the considerations to make as a tall man shopping for the undergarments. Bear in mind that fabrics that haven’t been pre-shrunk will be a nuisance because they will eventually shrink, leaving you with a useless garment.